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Electric Audi R8 Successor could use Rimac batteries & motors

The replacement for the Audi R8 is likely to be an all-electric supercar called the RS e-tron and it could use Rimac technology.

According CAR Magazine, the Croatian brand behind the Concept_Two electric hypercar could supply electric motors and batteries for the R8 successor. The new model, dubbed the RS e-tron could debut around 2023-24.

As part of the deal, Audi could receive four electric motors and fast-charging batteries. Rimac might also share its latest solid-state battery technology, which is said to offer higher energy capacity and increased range.

In 2018, Audi’s Peter Oberndorfer had said that the they were considering an all-electric supercar to replace the R8. Recent reports suggest that the RS e-tron could use parts from the Porsche Taycan’s J1 platform.

In terms of performance, the car’s four electric motors could produce around 938 hp. The 0-62 mph time is estimated to be 2.5 seconds and the batteries are expected hold enough juice for a range of 300 miles.

Source: CAR Magazine

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