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Audi Considering an Electric Supercar as Audi R8 Successor

Audi definitely wants to develop an electric supercar. It was one of the first companies to bring the idea of an electric performance car to metal in the form of the e-tron concept it launched in 2009 and has released electric versions of both the generations of the R8. But, technology hasn’t exactly been in Audi’s favor and the R8 e-tron cars have struggled with range and performance issues. Now, the company thinks it might finally found a solution in the form of solid state batteries and could bring a high performance electric supercar without any range issues to market.


Audi’s global boss of technology and product communications, Peter Oberndorfer has told Motoring that an electric successor to the R8 is being discussed at the HQ. “We consider everything at the moment but I personally believe we need a little bit more battery development [for an Electric supercar]. There is some progress with lithium-ion but I think the real progress will come maybe with solid-state or something similar,” said Oberndorfer.

The company definitely has planned an aggressive EV agenda but is still keeping things close to the chest. Oberndorfer almost revealed the car’s name while describing the possible layout for the car. “EVs have a very good balance because the battery is in between the axles, it’s very low. Maybe with a sports car it could be different. I can’t tell you about the… about more future plans,” he said.

Audi definitely needs something to fill the gap of a top of the range car when the R8 is discontinued in 2020. While, Peter Oberndorfer might have been very cautious talking about the plans, we believe an electric supercar from Audi is inevitable.

Source: Motoring

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