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Ferrari LaFerrari-Black-Silver-Dual-tone-rare-1


Dual-Tone Ferrari LaFerrari in Black & Silver is a unicorn

When you think of a Ferrari, a shiny red car instantly comes to your mind. That’s why we love unique specs here on The Supercar Blog.

We recently stumbled upon images of a rather unique LaFerrari. Now, we’ve seen dual-tone LaFerraris before, but this car with its Nero DS exterior and Argento Nurburgring roof is a unicorn. The silver wheels just suit perfectly on this car. On the inside, it has red seats with red leather inserts on the steering wheel.

Ferrari LaFerrari-Black-Silver-Dual-tone-rare-2

When it comes to the uber-exclusive LaFerrari, red probably is the most common color. You will find different shades of red, sometimes with a black roof. Besides the popular scarlet shade, there are few cars that have been painted in yellow, white and even shades of blue.

Ferrari LaFerrari-Black-Silver-Dual-tone-rare-3

Speaking of rare and brave specs, Jay Kay had his LaFerrari painted green. The Signal Green exterior was topped off with a black roof and silver wheels with yellow brake calipers. A similar color scheme was implemented on the interior.

Ferrari LaFerrari-Black-Silver-Dual-tone-rare-4

What do you think of this Black and Silver LaFerrari? Let’s know in the comments below.

Image courtesy: @danny_ferrariservice, @perfect.spec

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