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488 Pista-720S-Aventador SV


Drag Race: Which is the fastest 700+ HP Supercar?

When McLaren built the 720S, Ferrari responded with the 488 Pista. Both cars have over 700 hp and exactly the same amount of torque. So, pitting these two against each other always makes for great Youtube content. However, this time, Matt Watson has also brought along a Lamborghini Aventador SV. Now, this should make for an interesting drag race.

With 750 hp, the Aventador SV is the most powerful car here and has all-wheel drive. However, the 488 Pista and 720S are lighter. Both have twin-turbocharged V8 engines that produce more torque than the Lambo’s naturally aspirated V12 engine. The Lambo is also let down by its single-clutch transmission.

Despite being slightly heavier than the 488 Pista, the 720S is actually the fastest of the three. In a standing start, the McLaren easily beats the Ferrari to the quarter mile. It crosses the line in 10.4 seconds, while the Ferrari takes 10.5 seconds. The Aventador SV takes 10.7 seconds to hit the quarter mile marker.

The McLaren beats the Ferrari even in a roll race. The 488 Pista is quicker off the line but the 720S catches up to it. Moreover, it seems the 720S has way more horsepower than is advertised. In fact, dyno runs have shown that it might be producing around 775 hp.

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