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Toyota Supra vs Dodge Demon


Drag Race War: Modified Toyota GR Supra vs Souped-Up Dodge Demon

The new Toyota GR Supra is getting ready to take on some of the biggest names on the drag strip – the mighty Dodge Demon.

While YouTube is loaded with drag race videos of the new 2020 Toyota GR Supra taking on everything from Porsches and Audis to Fords and BMWs, here is something to get the tuning boys interested. The first glimpse of a pair of modified cars – a new-gen Supra and a Dodge Demon – kicking off the war which we’ll be keeping an eye on from now. It’s the imports versus American muscle all over again.

The actual numbers and specs of both cars are unclear. But the Dodge Demon brought to the drag strip in Texas had a modified ECU and performance filters in place. In stock form, the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 of the Demon can make 840 hp running on 100 octane fuel. So it’s fair to assume that Demonology’s machine can unleash some more thoroughbred horses.

The modified Supra was being tested by its owner at the time of this run. So it packs a new ECU tune which needs tweaking, slicks wrapped around its wheels, and nitrous to give it an extra push. Deploying the nitrous boosts the power output of the tuned engine from 520 hp to 601 hp. Still a long way to go before reaching the Demon’s territory.

Those numbers may have given away the winner of this round already. But do note that the Supra in the footage is in the process of being tuned to its peak of drag strip performance. The data logged during these test runs will go on to influence the levels of tune and adjustments to be made so that the times can be improved.

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra in its stock form does a quarter-mile in 12 seconds. This modified version can cover the distance in 11.1 seconds, even if you resist the urge to press the nitrous button. We’re looking forward to seeing these tuners bringing the time all the way down to 10 seconds.

Source: Demonology / YouTube

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