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Bugatti is Considering a Practical & Affordable Electric Supercar

Bugatti seems to be pretty busy currently. While it’s tasked with the production of the Chiron which it says has been allocated until 2021 and the first Divos are set to be handed over to customers, this hasn’t stopped them from releasing new hypercars. The company recently unveiled a $18.9 million one-off called the La Voiture Noire and if our reports are true, another hypercar is due to be unveiled this September.

One reason for the the buzz at Molsheim is certainly the appointment of Stephen Winkelmann at the brand’s helm. If his stint at Lamborghini is anything to go by, the Bugatti range is sure to grow in the coming years and it’s not just hypercars Winkelmann is planning. He recently shared his thoughts about an all-electric Bugatti on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show.

“I would see us doing a battery electric vehicle,” he said. “There, the balance between performance and comfort is much more important, and it’s about daily usability. This is what I see. Top speed will be far less important with such a model,” he added. Winkelmann also wants this potential all-electric model to be more “affordable” which in Bugatti’s terms is still more than half a million.

It won’t be an SUV thankfully as the CEO recently announced that an SUV won’t be a part of the Bugatti’s future lineup citing that an SUV would not do justice to the brand or its history.

“Let’s see what we can do,” he said. “I’m hoping for the best.”

Same here Stephen!

Source: Autonews Europe

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