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Aspark Owl electric hypercar
The big question remains. Will it really get made?


Aspark Owl: Pre-Orders Begin For The 0-60 In 1.9 Seconds Electric Hypercar

The Japanese electric hypercar costs $3.6 million a piece and the deposit for pre-ordering the Aspark Owl is going to leave your wallet light by $1.15 million.

The Aspark Owl had been in development since 2014 and has already had its share of auto show appearances. The latest version of the Japanese electric hypercar was at the Paris Motor Show 2018. It’s actually still on display there as these lines are being penned and you can pre-order it right now.

$3.6 million is what you’ll have to part with to own the Aspark Owl and in order to book one, you need to pay $1.15 million – and that’s non-refundable. And you get a 1,150 hp, 653 lb-ft electric hypercar which is claimed to be capable of doing 0-60 mph in a whopping 1.9 seconds.

Do note that the Aspark Owl’s current iteration has different numbers to claim in terms of performance, compared to the Frankfurt Motor Show version. The announcement back then – in 2017 – placed the power output of 430 hp and a price tag of $4.4 million. It’s bizarre to see the price coming down and the power going up (doubling in fact!) as the development progressed.

Only 50 units will be made, thereby rendering the Aspark Owl as a rare piece, once deliveries start in 2020.

Top speed is claimed to be 174 mph and on full charge the Aspark Owl will cover 186 miles. Don’t expect that to happen if you have plans to impress the ladies with burnouts and the gentlemen with 0-60 mph blasts.

The body is made of carbon-fiber, wheels are magnesium alloy and the hypercar is quite light at 3,300 pounds. Do check out the video below of the test car which is currently undergoing testing in Japan.

On a related note, the Rimac C Two (again… electric… hypercar) is inbound with the proven track record of Rimac Automobili, offering better performance and bearing a less expensive price tag. So we are doubtful of how much of an impact the Aspark Owl will make in the hypercar scene with that kind of competition. The Pininfarina PFO and the Tesla Roadster are more affordable and better alternatives too.

Source: Bloomberg

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