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Ferrari 488 Prototype Maranello


Are These Prototypes of the Dino & 488 Successor?

A few days ago we brought to light a mysterious Ferrari prototype caught testing around Maranello. A slew of details hinted about its hybrid nature. The same mule based on a 458 body has now been caught on video where all the modifications are clearly visible. Is this the upcoming entry level Dino?

According to an earlier report, the Dino is supposed to launch in 2023. If that’s the case, then it is unlikely to see a prototype this early or may be Ferrari has other plans that we are not aware of. The Dino is expected to pack a V6 powertrain with hybrid assistance.

Now, this isn’t the only test mule based on a 458/488 running on the streets of Maranello. Instagram user @motorvalleyinsider has spotted a contraption based on a 488 that looks a lot different from the mule in the above video. It is wearing a different camouflage and has dual exhausts (compared to four on the mule in the above video) positioned much higher than on the 488.

While, it could be the actual prototype of the 488 successor, it is more likely that this car is a one-off from Ferrari’s Tailor Made program where VIP customers can order cars with custom bodywork. Ferrari recently showcased such a tailor made car called the SP38 ‘Deborah’. The exhaust placement on the SP38 ‘Deborah’ is very similar to what’s on the prototype.

Whatever these prototypes are hiding, we expect we will know soon.

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