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You Need Some LOVE to Become a Ferrari VIP Customer

Whenever Ferrari launches a flagship model like the Enzo or LaFerrari, you can’t just walk into a dealership and place an order. Limited edition cars like these are only offered to so-called VIP customers. So, the question arises, what does it take to become a VIP customer of a particular car brand?

Well, according to Ed Bolian, all you need is some LOVE.

  • L – Loyalty
  • O – Options
  • V – Volume
  • E – Events

Let’s say you want to buy the LaFerrari’s successor. To do that, you will first have to prove your loyalty towards the brand. Purchase few of their series production models and make sure you order some of the expensive options or even better, get a custom spec through Ferrari’s Tailor Made program. Also, if you purchase cars on a regular basis with the most ridiculous options and crazy specs, you will certainly get noticed. And finally, connect with the brand’s representatives at private events that are organized throughout the year in your country.

Now, this is actually the hard way. If you want a quick entry to the exclusive club, just go out and purchase an F40 or an Enzo or splash a few million dollars on a classic Ferrari. Basically, spend a load of cash on a particular brand and never ever do things that would hurt the manufacturer.

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