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Gercollectors Mercedes-AMG One fire accident


$3 million Mercedes-AMG One hypercar burns to the ground

Update: @gercollector has just posted a video confirming that the Mercedes-AMG One that caught fire was not his. He also mentioned that Mercedes is investigating the accident and will be fixing the issue before building remaining cars.

A German supercar collector, who goes by the name @gercollector on Instagram, was among the first to take delivery of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. The journey began almost 6-years ago when Mercedes first conceived the idea of building a road-legal hypercar with an F1 engine. However, his time with the AMG One was short-lived, as you can probably guess from the image he has just shared.

@gercollector’s Mercedes-AMG One hypercar appears to have caught fire. The car was completely gutted, and by the time fire crews could douse the flames, it was destroyed beyond repair. We hope to know more about the incident soon.

Gercolletor Mercedes-AMG One-hypercar

Chris Harris recently drove the AMG One on a racetrack. While he was generally pleased with its performance, his time with it didn’t go as smoothly as he would’ve expected. The first car he drove developed an issue just after a few laps. Mercedes engineers did try to diagnose it but could not find a solution. So, they gave him a replacement. Besides the Start 2 mode, which is like the qualifying mode on a Formula 1 car, the AMG One seemed a bit unfinished.

The latest incidents will put even more pressure on Mercedes to get the product sorted. Given the fact that customers have waited for more than 6 years for this car, they wouldn’t be pleased after reading reports of the fire.

Source: @gercollector

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