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Mercedes-AMG One review-Chris Harris


Mercedes-AMG One: Chris Harris’ take on the F1-powered hypercar

Deliveries of the Mercedes-AMG One have already commenced, and it’s only that we’re getting an idea of what the hypercar actually feels like to drive. Chris Harris recently had a go in one, and let’s just say, it didn’t go too well.

As you may be aware, the AMG One was touted as the successor to the iconic CLK GTR. This one though is powered by a Formula 1-derived V6 hybrid with as many as five electric motors. It’s way more complicated than the CLK.

Even though the first cars have been handed over to customers, Mercedes is yet to iron out a few rough edges. As Chris soon found out, when the V6 engine just gave up on the racetrack.

Despite all the issues, the AMG One simply transforms into a beast in its most hardcore mode – Strat 2. This unleashes the full potential of the 1.6-litre turbocharged V6, tweaks the chassis and deploys the aero. Apparently, this is the same setting that Lewis Hamilton uses during qualifying.

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