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You Still Have a Chance to Buy the Bugatti Divo

Bugatti recently revealed its most extreme hypercar to date in the form of the Divo. All build slots of the car were sold long before its public launch, so if you are considering buying the car, you are out of luck. Or are you?

Knight International, a Dubai based firm has made quite a name in buying and selling of the rarest exotics. We have shared a few of their listings like the Ferrari FXX-K EVO, a street legal P1 GTR by Lanzante in the past. More recently they have listed a Mclaren Speedtail build slot. Now, the company has got its hands on a Bugatti Divo.

The Divo was developed by Bugatti as a more track-focused machine. To that end it featured a completely new exterior for better aerodynamics and cooling. It has a low front splitter and vents in the bonnet. The side skirts are more prominent and there is a more aggressive diffuser at the rear. A NACA air inlet has been incorporated into the roof, which also guides air towards the rear spoiler.

While the power output from the quad-turbo W16 is identical to the Chiron and the top-speed is reduced, all the exterior optimizations will make sure the Divo is ready to take on any winding roads and looks other-worldly while doing so. A new racing transmission, improved handling and reduced kerb-weight are other development the Divo features over the Chiron.

All the absurdity makes sure the Divo doesn’t come cheap. At launch, its base price was announced to be €5 million and we are sure Knight International is selling the build slot for quite a premium over that.

Source: Knight International 

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