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You can customize a Lamborghini without the fear of getting banned

There have been reports of pop star Justin Bieber being ‘blacklisted’ by Ferrari, after the singer painted his 458 Italia blue. Now, rival Lamborghini has responded with an Instagram post, which essentially states that you can customize a Lamborghini without the fear of getting banned.

Lamborghini posted images of two heavily customized Huracan EVO supercars with the caption, “For all the brave spirits, here are some options to personalize your livery. We want you to express your true self with no limits. ”

Reports suggest that Ferrari was not pleased when they saw the modifications made to the 458, which included a Liberty Walk widebody kit and 20-inch Forgiato wheels. Besides the matte blue exterior colour, the steering wheel was also custom painted. He even swapped out the Ferrari logo from the steering wheel.

Ferrari, being Ferrari, thought this was against the prestige of the brand and banned the singer from purchasing any of their cars in the future.

Is Ferrari being too harsh on Justin Bieber? Let us know your thoughts.

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