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Satin Carbon McLaren P1-Manny Khoshbin-2


World’s first Satin Carbon McLaren P1 by MSO

The owner of the world’s first satin carbon McLaren P1 by MSO takes delivery of his one-off supercar.

Manny Khoshbin’s McLaren P1 has been in the UK for most of 2017. The supercar was shipped back to give it thorough makeover MSO-style. Well, it’s now back in the US and was recently handed over to Manny by McLaren of Newport Beach.

Satin Carbon McLaren P1-Manny Khoshbin-1

When the McLaren P1 ‘MK Edition’ first left the factory, it was spec’ed in white exterior and had a white and black interior. It was later converted to exposed carbon in a pearlescent brown finish. The supercar has now been transformed into the world’s first satin carbon McLaren P1, while the white and black interior has been retained.


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On a side note, Manny also purchased two McLaren-Mercedes SLRs while he was at the dealership. Just to remind you, he already has two SLRs parked up in his garage.

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