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Ferrari Daytona SP3-design reaction


What does Ex-Ferrari Design boss think of the Daytona SP3?

We love the new Ferrari Daytona SP3. We like how they’ve incorporated various styling elements from past Ferrari race cars into the Daytona’s design. However, how would Ferrari’s former design boss rate it?

During his illustrious career, Frank Stephenson has designed numerous supercars, including the F430 and FXX. In his latest video, Frank goes over every detail of the Daytona SP3.

As you’re aware, the Daytona’s design is inspired by the 330 P4 and the 412 P. It’s evident from the cab-forward design, fender-mounted mirrors and the expansive rear clamshell with flared wheel arches and an integrated spoiler. The most prominent design feature though are the strakes on the rear fascia. Now, here’s what Frank thinks about the design –

It’s always great to have an insight from a professional, and we hope we get to see more design reactions from Frank in the future.

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