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McLaren 720S-top speed record


Watch the stock McLaren 720S Beating its Official Top Speed

The chaps at Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds have done it again! This time it was the turn of the stock McLaren 720S to beat the top speed claimed by the carmaker.

A few days ago, we posted about the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon proving itself be faster than the top speed claimed by the company. It clocked a top whack of 211 mph at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds. You can watch that video and read up more about the whole event right here. Recently, we came across another video from the same blokes who took a stock McLaren 720S to a maximum speed higher than the figure claimed by the carmaker.

The McLaren 720S is beyond doubt one of the most exciting supercars to come out of Britain and it boasts of a top speed of 212 mph. That’s a proper, proper fast car and with 0-62 mph coming up in 2.9 seconds, it’s pretty quick too. Now you know why there are so many drag race videos on YouTube featuring the 650S successor.

That 4.0-liter V8 engine producing 710 hp and 568 lb-ft, does know how to draw plenty of worry lines on Italian foreheads. The rear-wheel-drive layout may take it a step back from the AWD supercars ruling the business today. But the 7-speed automatic transmission does have its strengths to make up for that in terms of acceleration.

During the test run conducted by the team at JBPG, the 720S showed that it has a higher top speed than the company claimed figure. As seen in the video, it has an actual top speed of 215 mph – a clean 3 mph edge over company brochure text. Ignore the speedometer of the car, as the numbers were tracked and drawn out of Olympic Grade laser traps and a Garmin GPS system.

While it may not be a huge discrepancy from the company “lie”, it’s still great for owners to know that if they desire, the supercar can push things all the way till the needle hits 215 mph.

Source: Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds YouTube Channel

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