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Koenigsegg Regera-crash test


Watch how Koenigsegg Crash Tests the $2 Million Regera

If you are building less than 100 cars in a year, it’s just not feasible for a car brand like Koenigsegg to crash test their cars in a way that other large manufacturers do. So, how do you crash test a $2 million Regera?

Koenigsegg has developed a crash testing methodology that allows them to put their cars through years worth of abuse and safety tests. The same steps are followed by independent crash safety assessment programs like Euro NCAP, etc.

Koenigsegg performs all its durability and crash safety tests on a single chassis. The underlying carbon monocoque is the most expensive part in a Koenigsegg hypercar and is therefore reused for all the tests. Other parts like sub-frames and the bodywork are replaced or repaired.

The video shows a Regera being tested on various surfaces. They even hit the bodywork with a hammer.

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