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Vision GT-Based McLaren BC-03 Hypercar on Cards

As if the reveal date announcement of the Speedtail hypercar wasn’t enough, we’ve come to know of another hypercar that McLaren is working on for a handful of its special customers. However, this one is going to be, believe it or not, much more insane and exclusive than the Speedtail. How? Because it’s the production version of the Vision GT concept. McLaren designed the Vision GT exclusively for the Gran Turismo PS4 game last year. But looks like, for someone it wasn’t enough to see the car on their PlayStation. So, they commissioned one for their garage. McLaren seems to have seen it as an interesting opportunity to bring a virtual car to life and has decided to build five examples.

The Woking based supercar maker hasn’t made anything official yet. But, we have come to know about the project from two of the customers themselves. Just like the Speedtail, which was initially called the BP23, the production Vision-GT is internally known as BC-03. Where, BC stands for ‘Bespoke Commission’.

Unburdened by production car constraints, the Vision-GT looked more like an alien spaceship than a car. In the game, the car is propelled by a combination of a 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 engine driving the rear wheels and high output electric motors propelling each of the front wheels. The result is 1150 hp and 1275 Nm of torque.

The virtual car is based around a carbon fiber chassis with integrated active aero features and a central driving position. We don’t know how much of it would be featured on the production car or whether it will be a driveable vehicle. McLaren Special Operations is probably in charge of the project hence customers will have almost limitless customization options.

While the exact price of a BC-03 is still unknown, it should probably be north of $3 million. We will update this article as soon as we learn more about the BC-03. So, stay tuned!.

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