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Ferrari 812 Superfast crash-London


VIDEO: Witness a Ferrari 812 Superfast Crash in First Person

Here’s another lesson in how not to drive a high powered, rear-wheel drive supercar. This time, we have an 812 Superfast losing traction before hitting a barrier. Luckily for us, the driver had a GoPro recording his POV.

The accident took place somewhere in London. The video begins at an intersection where the driver turns left onto a bridge. Initially, the driver calmly pulls away from the lights. Once on the bridge, the driver gives it a bootful. But, by the time he realizes his mistake, it’s too late. The rear wheels had already lost traction and all he could do was watch his Ferrari head straight into the barrier. Luckily there was light traffic at the time and besides the driver’s ego, no one was hurt.

This yet another example of why one should drive a high performance machine like the 812 Superfast responsibly. The may have been in Race mode, which could explain the sudden loss of traction.

Here’s another similar accident involving an 812 Superfast that took place somewhere in California.

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