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VIDEO: Watch Pro-detailers wash Barry Meguiar’s 2017 Ford GT

Watch how professionals wash a brand new 2017 Ford GT for a celebrity client.

Television presenter and President of Mcgiuar’s Inc. Barry Meguiar recently took delivery of his new Ford GT. To get his supercar washed and detailed, Barry roped in three well-known professional detailers in America. Larry Kosilla of was part of the team that will be taking care of Barry’s car.

Larry will be document each and step of the process over the coming days. The first step involves thoroughly washing the car and preparing it for detailing and paint protection. Checkout the first video as the guys meticulously clean the Ford GT.

While, the first Ford GTs are being shipped to its celebrity owners. One guy has already sold his supercar and Ford isn’t happy about it.

Ford sues John Cena for selling his Ford GT

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