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Video: Mercedes-AMG One makes F1 Car Noises

Hear the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar before its debut in 2021. It sounds just like an F1 racing machine.

At a recent event in Baden-Baden, Germany, AMG owners got to see and hear the upcoming Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. Thankfully, one of the invitees pulled out the cell phone to film the F1-powered street machine in action.

The video has been trending on social media and we are sharing the footage which surfaced on the Instagram profile of @zalasin. What’s worth noting here is the audio, which lets us in on how the prototype sounds.


The Mercedes-AMG One prototype presented during the event has a unique soundtrack, unlike anything which is on sale right now. However, while the Formula 1 car-like exhaust note is exhilarating to hear, we are doubtful of how much of that sound will be preserved till the end of the development.

With the strict laws which are being enforced, the exhaust note may be dialed down from its current form to a tamer one. That’s among the many challenges currently faced by the AMG team in terms of transforming this prototype to a proper street-legal hypercar.

The upcoming limited-production plug-in hybrid hypercar unveiled at the 2017 International Motor Show Germany is scheduled to be ready by 2021. All 275 units, priced at $2.7 million have been sold out already.

Source: Zalasin / Instagram

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