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McLaren P1 GTR track day-Monza


VIDEO: McLaren P1 GTR Track Day at Monza Circuit

Several McLaren P1 GTRs descended upon the legendary Monza circuit just outside Milan recently. It is such a treat to watch these V8 hypercars pound around a racetrack.

The P1 GTR with its twin-turbo V8 sounds so different compared to the LaFerrari FXX K and Aston Martin Vulcan. The latter being powered by naturally aspirated V12 engines.

As part of the P1 GTR program, owners are invited to private track days held at famous racing circuits around the world. Now, the P1 GTR was conceived as a track car, however due to growing demand McLaren now offers street-legal conversions.

That said, Lanzante, who build the road-legal P1 GTR retain much of the original bodywork and interior of the race car so it looks equally crazy on the road.

McLaren P1 GTR track day at Monza:

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