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Ferrari 812 Superfast spotted in Monaco


VIDEO: Ferrari 812 Superfast Lands in Monaco Following Geneva Debut

Following its launch at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 812 Superfast landed in Monaco. Looks like one of the show cars was transported all the way from Switzerland to Ferrari’s Monaco dealership.

Car spotters captured the moment when the 812 Superfast was being unloaded off the truck. The car was then put on display in the showroom.

Monaco is a big market for not just Ferrari but also other famous supercar brands. The glamorous city is known for its extremely high per capita income and has the highest concentration of supercars anywhere on the planet.

Last month, a Bugatti Chiron was seen driving around town. Later, it too was put on display at the Bugatti showroom.

Ferrari 812 Superfast spotted in Monaco:

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