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VIDEO: Chris Harris tests the Bugatti Chiron for Top Gear

Journalists from around the world are dying to get their hands on the Bugatti Chiron. Top Gear’s Chris Harris however seems to have beaten all of them to it.

Chris Harris got behind the wheel of a Bugatti Chiron for an episode of Top Gear. Unsurprisingly, he was blown away by the performance. “Absolutely insane,” said Chris after flooring the throttle. While he was no where near the top speed of the Chiron, the acceleration from 0-200+ km/hr was enough to put a smile on his face.

Bugatti has just recently started delivering the customer Chirons. Looks like someone in the middle east was among the first to receive his Chiron. On the contrary, it could be a pre-production prototype loaned from Bugatti. Since we’ve seen one in a similar spec before, that could be a possibility.

The following video was uploaded by Instagram user onlychirons and was shot by hamed.alhashmi.

Chris Harris tests the Bugatti Chiron for Top Gear:

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