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Bugatti Chiron first drive review-Carfection


VIDEO: Bugatti Chiron First Drive Review by Carfection

Bugatti invited a select group of journalists to sample the new Chiron. The replacement for the Veyron is an extraordinary vehicle. With 1500 hp on tap, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by its performance. That said, it is supposed to be a comfortable grand tourer that just happens to have a top speed in excess of 250 mph.

Carfection got a chance to get behind the wheel of this $2.5 million luxury supercar. Yes, it’s intimidating but in a good way. You’re always conscious about the immense horsepower waiting to be unleashed.

At normal cruising speeds though, it’s like any other performance GT car except for it’s so much more than that. Also, you have to always be aware of the fact that the Chiron is almost 2 meters wide. For more on that, watch the first drive review by Carfection below.

Do you think the Bugatti Chiron is a worthy successor to the Veyron? Let us know in the comments section below.

Bugatti Chiron First Drive Review by Carfection:

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