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Upcoming BMW M2 to be the last non-hybrid M Car

BMW M cars have come a long way since the days of the ultra-responsive naturally aspirated engines. The modern M3 and M5 have switched to forced induction, and soon all M cars will have some form of hybridization.

According to BMW M CEO Frank van Meel, the upcoming BMW M2 will be the last non-hybrid M model. That seems like the logical step forward. However, the sad part is that there will be a day when all M cars will transition to pure electric powertrains.

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“The BMW M2 will definitely be a purist driving machine with its straight-six and rear-wheel drive. We will see increasing electrification in other vehicles, of course, in different forms, starting with the 48-volt electrical system and plug-in hybrids to fully electric drives,” van Meel said. “From this point of view, the M2 will be the last M with a pure combustion engine drive and also without electrification scope such as a 48-volt onboard network, yes,” he added.

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The letter ‘M’ has been associated with the ultimate driver’s car. Even though the brand has seen major upheavals, be it the E92 M3 that dropped the straight 6 for a V8 or the more recent ones that switched to twin-turbo sixes, these always been some of the most fun to drive machines. With the advent of hybrids, it’s the old-school M cars that will become more sought after.

Source: Bimmertoday

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