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Rumor: BMW M2 Hybrid is in the Works?

Are you prepared to welcome a mildly-electrified BMW M2 hybrid in the future?

According to BMW Blog and Automobile Mag, the M division is pursuing the electrification route for its range of cars. While the tuning division is trying to keep one foot firmly planted in ICE-powered cars, the tight emissions regulations and the changing trends will eventually decide the direction to be taken. And that may even lead to the creation of a BMW M2 hybrid in the future.

As the 2-Series Coupe moves to its next stage of evolution in 2020, a second-gen model of the M2 will obviously be considered. The rear-wheel-drive layout will be maintained in both the 2-Series Coupe and its souped-up M2 avatar, which is good news for admirers of the fun coupe.

BMW M2 Competition-leaked-images-2

While details of how the M division will approach the “partly electrified” M2 hybrid, we assume that it’ll land by 2022 with a 48V system and electric turbochargers. So it won’t be taking the path of the traditional plug-in hybrid. The improvements will also give the M2 Coupe more power and torque boost.

While that may take a couple of years to be a reality, petrolheads can lap up the range-topping M2 CS sooner. It’s undergoing testing now and the launch is expected to take place in 2020. Not patient at all? There is always the BMW M2 Competition Coupe to turn to if you want a slice of fun immediately.

Source: Automobile Mag

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