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Nissan GT-R Unlim 500-drag race-Russia


Two 1,300+ HP Nissan GT-R Godzillas fight it out in Russia!

Watch two incredibly-powerful tuned Nissan GT-R Godzillas engaging in a brutal battle at the Unlim 500+ event in Russia. No punches were pulled.

We had shared a video from Russia’s Unlim 500+ in April, where a Lamborghini Urus destroyed a Porsche Cayenne Turbo in a drag race. The video was a testimony to the active drag racing scene which is gaining momentum in the country. Now, there is a more explosive video of two heavily-tuned Nissan GT-R Godzillas loaded with aftermarket parts taking on each other on the dragstrip.

The scale of modifications has bestowed each car with power that is in hypercar territory, if not higher. For example, the highest power output that a factory-spec GT-R can produce is 600 hp in the NISMO variant. These two warring kaijus, on the other hand, generate more than twice that figure.

One of them churns out 1,400 horses while the other is close behind with 1,350 stallions. Depending on the skills of the drivers, a 50 pony-gap won’t make a difference on the strip. A tight race which is going to take the viewer to the edge of the seat is guaranteed as the 1,400 hp 2011 model GT-R Altechno and the 1,350 hp 2013 model GT-R JDM Parts start the duel.

Place your bets and watch the video now. We won’t be spoiling the ending for you.

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