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Track-only Lamborghini Aventador SVR Hypercar Images Leaked!

Here’s our first look at Lamborghini’s new mid-engined V12 track only hypercar that is likely to be reserved for track use and could be called the Aventador SVR.

The Aventador SVR is said to be the last non-hybrid V12 Lambo. Sources have told us that the car will be unveiled at the 2019 World Finals at Jerez, Spain.

The new track car is expected to be based on the Aventador. However, the leaked images suggest that it might look completely different. The car retains its unmistakable wedge profile and has a low front scuttle with a pair nostrils on the bonnet. It appears to have a double splitter as well. Moving further back, the rear wheel arches look different. It also has that massive fixed rear spoiler. A closer look reveals a more aggressive rear diffuser. Another crazy feature is the double roof scoop. We suspect that the top one feeds the engine, while the lower scoop helps keep the cabin cool. The centre-lock wheels look unique too.

The Aventador SVR has been developed by Squadra Corse. It will be powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine tuned to produce 830 hp. Production is said to be limited to 40 units and the first cars could be delivered in 2021. The SVR could be offered as part of a racetrack experience package, but we will have to wait for the official announcement to know more.

Here’s the official teaser that Lamborghini released on its Youtube channel:

Source: CarFanatics

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