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Corvette ZR-1 and Zora


Top-of-the-line Chevrolet Corvette could be called Zora, come with an 1000 HP twin-turbo

The Corvette Stingray in its latest avatar is pretty good. Infact, back in 2020 at the time of its launch, many expected the car to take on the likes of Lamborghinis and McLarens amongst others. This has been seen many times over the hundreds of videos online, but now, it is said that there are two new powerful versions of the Corvette coming soon. These will be named as the ZR-1 and the Zora.

Corvette ZR-1 : More Details

For starters, the ZR-1 will start from the base of the Z06. This means many features of the Corvette Z06 like the flatplane crank, V8 engine, wide body and large tires will carry over to the ZR-1. It will also get carbon ceramic brakes amongst others.

The real difference will however be in the powertrain and performance of the cars. For starters, the ZR-1 is expected to be launched as a 2023 model year car. It will come with a 5.5-liter V8 that will deliver in excess of 800 HP. The ZR-1 will be a rear-wheel drive car and could possibly get a few aero bits like a rear wing, front splitter and get an optional track package as well.

The 0-60 mph time could be an estimated 2.5 seconds or lower. The ZR-1 will be both a track car as well as a daily driver on the roads. It will head against the likes of the McLaren 750S and the Porsche 911 Turbo S. Not to mention, the ZR-1 could significantly undercut the competition as well.

Corvette Zora : More Details

Named in honor of the famous chief designer Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Zora will combine new-age technologies into the Corvette platform. Just like what Arkus-Duntov in the 1950’s to Corvette, this time around, the car could come with electrification as well as a higher performance. In the 1950s, the Corvette got a resurrection thanks to features like disc brakes, fuel injection and independent rear suspension. The car also got a V8 motor.

In terms of powertrain, the Zora could come with a 160 HP electric motor with a combined power output of around 1000 HP. The 0-60 mph time could be a fast 1.9 seconds. That said, a 1/4th mile time of under 10 seconds @ 150 mph won’t be too farfetched as well.

Chevrolet will not position the Zora as a track monster. Instead it will come with comforts suitable to make it an everyday car which can go fast if needed. But comparing the performance, this will share space with the Lamborghini Aventador’s replacement and the Ferrari SF9 Stradale.

Source – Car and Driver

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