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High Mileage Porsche Carrera GT-supercar-for-sale


This High Mileage Porsche Carrera GT is Surprisingly Cheap

Today, a Porsche Carrera GT costs somewhere between $700,000 to close to a $1 million. But, this one here is surprisingly cheap.

Supercar Driver TV recently featured a silver Carrera GT in one of their videos. The car is up for sale at The Octane Collection for a rather reasonable £400,000 or approximately $527,000. At that price, it seems like the bargain of the century!

However, there’s a catch.

15 years ago, when this Carrera GT was new, a potential customer took it out on a test drive and crashed it. At the time, the car only had 700 miles on the odometer. The damage of so extensive that the insurance company had to write it off. The car was sold to an engineer, who fixed it. So, now you know why this car’s so cheap.

While it may not be in mint condition, it’s still a Carrera GT. And we all know why petrolheads love this car. It’s one of the last supercars with none of that electronic nonsense. When you sit behind the wheel, it’s just you and the machine.

You buy a Carrera GT for the experience – The raw, unadulterated performance of the 5.7-liter V10 engine and of course, that sound!

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