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Doug deMuro Drives a Porsche Carrera GT

Doug deMuro got behind the wheel of “the greatest car ever made”. According to him, that would be the Porsche Carrera GT and I can see why.

The Carrera GT is the last analogue supercar. Nowadays, you have supercars with paddle-shift automatic gearboxes and stability control to save your ass if things go out of hand. The Carrera GT though is one of the most involving drives you will ever have.

The 5.7-liter V10 screams behind your back and urges you to rev it hard. There are no turbos and the carbon ceramic clutch is perhaps the most well known feature of them all. That said, even I didn’t know there was a hidden storage space in the doors. To know more about Doug’s thoughts about the Carrera GT watch the video below.

Doug deMuro drives a Porsche Carrera GT:

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