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Ferrari 812 Competizione-Qatar-123-number plate


This Ferrari 812 Competizione has a €10 million license plate!

The south of France is a great place to go supercar spotting. G-E Supercars was in Juan-Les-Pins recently, where he captured a rather special Ferrari 812 Competizione.

Every summer, wealthy individuals from across the world descend on the Mediterranean coast with their fancy machines. Supercars from the middle east are a common sight during this period. This year, a Ferrari from Qatar has been causing a bit of stir, not because of the spec but its number plate.

The owner is said to have paid €10 million for the Qatari ‘123’ license plate. That’s 10 times more than the price of the 812 Competizione. That being said, the spec on this car isn’t too bad either.

The 812 Competizione A is powered by a 6.5-liter, naturally aspirated V12 engine that produces 830 hp @ 9250 rpm and 510 lb-ft @ 7000 rpm. While the engine is similar to the one that powers the Superfast, it now revs to 9500 rpm. As a result, the car rockets to 60 mph in just 2.85 seconds, while its top speed is 211 mph.

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