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Bugatti Veyron dyno-run


This 2006 Bugatti Veyron makes about 1,076 HP on the Dyno

On paper, the Bugatti Veyron has 1001 hp. Houston Crosta decided to test this claim on an all-wheel drive dyno and the results were frankly astonishing.

On the first run, the Veyron accelerates to over 180 mph. As soon as the car goes into handling mode, the driver lets off the gas. At this speed, the quad-turbo W16 engine is churning out over 800 hp at the wheels.

On the second pass, the car accelerates to around 195 mph. At this speed, the power figure bumps to 895 hp. The Veyron’s dual-clutch transmission pops into 5th gear at right about 195 mph. Beyond that, the dyno registers 897 hp and 909 lb-ft of torque. Bear in mind, this dyno measures the output at the wheels and not at the crank. Therefore, the estimated output at the crank is around 1076 hp, which is more than what Bugatti claims.

Houston will be swapping out the stock exhaust on his Veyron for a Ryft titanium exhaust. With that installed, the overall output is expected to go up even more.

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