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VIDEO: World’s First Rear-Wheel Drive Bugatti Veyron

Rear-wheel drive conversions of Lamborghinis and Nissan GT-Rs are quite common. But, have you ever heard of a rear-wheel drive Bugatti Veyron?

The only person brave enough to modify his million dollar Bugatti is Houston Crosta of Royalty Exotic Cars. He recently uploaded a video about how to replace the fluids on a Veyron. Now, he has gone a step further and disconnected the front driveshaft to make it rear-wheel drive.

After watching this video, you might think that a rear-wheel drive Veyron would be a lot of fun. Well, it’s definitely not something we would recommend, especially if you wish to retain the car’s value. Nevertheless, a Veyron drift car would be absolutely mental.

Recently, some have attempted to create drift machines based on expensive exotics. Daigo Saito converted a Lamboghini Murcielago in to a drift car, while Federico Sceriffo built a drifter out of a Ferrari 599 GTB.

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