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McLaren P15-rear view-teaser-image


Things we know about the Mclaren P15

The Mclaren P15 will soon join the Ultimate Series in McLaren’s range as the brand’s most extreme road car yet.

Update: McLaren Senna (codenamed: P15) unveiled

There isn’t much information about the new model but we expect to learn more on December 10 when the car gets revealed online. But, from what we have gathered from McLaren’s press release and other sources, here a few things you could expect.

  • The McLaren P15 will be the brand’s most track focused model ever. As McLaren states in the release “The new car will be the ultimate track-focused McLaren – so single-minded it sacrifices everyday usability in exchange for creating the most intense circuit-driving experience imaginable.” The car will also be McLaren’s lightest road car yet.
  • The P15 will utilise the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine from the 720S which will be dialed up to a little over 800 hp. If the McLaren 720S’ performance is any indication, you should expect the P15 to blow your mind right out of your skull.

2017 McLaren P15 supercar-P1 Replacement-2

  • The absolute focus on track performance will result in extreme aesthetics. In fact, the design has been described as “brutal” and “the purest expression ‘form-follows-function’ philosophy.” From the teaser images released till date, it appears that the body will be stripped down to the bare essentials. It will have see through carbon fiber body panels to aid the aesthetics and aerodynamics – you’ll supposedly be able to see the lower part of the driver’s body.
  •  While the online reveal is scheduled for December 10, we will only be able to see the real deal at the Geneva Motor show 2018. All 500 units have already been allocated, each going for around $1 million. It will be delivered ahead of a second future Ultimate Series model, codenamed BP23, which aims to be the world’s first hyper-GT.

December 10 can’t come soon enough. Until it comes, we will keep you updated as we know more about the car. Ciao!

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