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Ferrari Roma-Driven Motion-short-film


‘The Music of Ferrari’ featuring the sexy Roma

We love the Ferrari Roma ever since it first debuted in 2019. Some say it looks like an Aston Martin. Well, we take it as a compliment since Astons are beautiful.

This weekend, we woke up to a message from Andy Kim. Andy is a photographer, filmmaker and a true petrolhead. He recently had a chance to drive the Ferrari Roma and has produced a short film titled – The Music of Ferrari.

The short film features a young high school senior named Charlie and his father, Tony. Charlie has a passion for music and plays the piano. He is depressed after getting rejected by the Manhattan School of Music. So, his father takes him on a spirited drive in his new Ferrari Roma. You shouldn’t miss the stunning shots of this beauty and the glorious V8 engine note.

Thank you, Andy, for sharing this wondering short film with us. You checkout more automotive videos by @drivenmotion on their Youtube channel.

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