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Dubai P7-number plate-Tesla-Model-X-1


That’s a $15 million number plate on a Tesla!

Someone in Dubai recently paid $15 million for a number plate. The license plate, which reads “P 7” received the record bid at a charity auction. It has now been spotted on a car in public for the first time.

Now, one would expect to see such an expensive plate on some kind of supercar or hypercar. However, that’s not the case. One of the most expensive licence plates in the world has been seen on a Tesla Model X.

The all-black Model X looks rather mundane, especially on Dubai streets. The last place you would expect to see a $15 million plate is on a $120,000 electric car. That being said, we’re sure the owner has a hypercar or two in garage as well. Hopefully, we will see the plate transferred to a car more worthy of a special registration.

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