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Dubai number sells for US$15 million


Numberplate sells for a record US$ 15 million at charity auction

While rare and uniquely specced cars are nothing new for the residents of Dubai, the elitist of them all contest over rare license numbers. Currently, the rare license plates have become one of the most expensive and competitive commodities in the Middle Eastern country.

Craze to get the most unique number plate

Owners are willing to pay more than the vehicle’s cost to get their hands on a rare number. This is nothing new. Back in 2018, Dubai’s transport authority auctioned off the number 1 plate for US$ 14.3 million. Till now, this was the highest ever amount paid for a number across the globe. But now, another owner has beaten this with a big margin.

Emirates Auction sells Dubai’s P7 plate for US$15 million

A charity event, Most Noble Numbers, had a new record. In fact, it now even has a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. The plate reads as P7. The proceeds of this will be given to the 1 Billion Meals Endowment campaign. The aim of this is to set-up the largest Ramadan sustainable food aid endowment fund.

It remains to be seen on which car will the successful bidder use this plate on.

Source – Emirates Auction

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