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Spruce Up Your Vehicle with Tinted Windows

Tinted car windows do not just provide you with privacy,  they also help in many other ways. Though there are states which ban the use of tinting, it is often permissible given that your vehicle allows light transmission of no less than 35 percent.

According to established driving laws in most states, the net light transmission from side windows and front windshield should be from 25%-32%. Getting the glass on your vehicle tinted by reliable auto customizers for supercar owners will provide you the right solutions that will abide with your existing local regulations and state laws.

The benefits of having your vehicle windows tinted

Window tinting provides you with more than just the benefits of having privacy while on the road. Strong regulations are enforced by various law enforcement because a tinted window makes it hard to see what’s happening on the outside and the inside of the vehicle.

According to the experts at Van Isle Glass, if you are thinking about having your vehicle tinted, it is best to know the existing laws in your area to avoid complications when on the road.

Some of the benefits of having your car windows tinted to the permitted percentage include:

  • Reduce trapped heat inside the vehicle. Having a tinted front windshield and side windows make your vehicle cooler because they reduce generated heat from the direct rays of the sun. Low transparency reduces as much as 70% heat caused by the vehicle’s exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Protects the glass from shattering. The thin layer of film attached to the vehicle’s surface adds an extra layer of protection by binding the glass in case of impact. The tinting film can hold tiny pieces of the glass when it shatters.
  • Tints help block the sun’s UV rays. Quality tinting is also beneficial in preventing most of the harmful UV rays from getting into your vehicle. It also protects you when driving as direct sunlight exposes you to sunburns and other skin conditions.

Choosing a quality tinting service

Cheap tint services and DIYs may be tempting, given that you are just going to apply a layer of film on the glass of your car. But given that each sheet should be adjusted and cut precisely, a DIY project often becomes flimsily done and inadequate.

Also, government regulations and restrictions must be met when installing a tint on your vehicle. This is to avoid fines and entanglements that may cause some severe damage to your car or earn you points against your license.

When choosing a service provider to add tinting, remember these pointers:

  1. The installer must be familiar with your local tinting codes and regulations. Almost all jurisdictions have a prescribed limit for the darkness of a car tint for safety purposes. A professional window tinting company should always be updated with tint regulations to avoid serious consequences.
  2. A professional and experienced service. Car tint installers should show exemplary customer service and provide you with quality film selection that meets local standards. Skilled hand work will be free from creases, crinkles, and microscopic bubbles caused by dust and particles.
  3. Quality installation the first time. Unlike a DIY project, quality installation is done right by professionals the first time. This means there is no room for errors, and the tinting is done quickly and without any application mistakes.

When done correctly, car tinting is a worthwhile investment to keep your vehicle safe from the sun and provide you with an extra layer of protection.

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