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Jaguar C X75 Hybrid Supercar from Spectre
NO! Dave Bautista isn't part of the standard equipment!


You can buy the Jaguar C-X75 Stunt Car from James Bond Movie Spectre

Spectre wasn’t an easy James Bond outing to fall in love with. The highly anticipated sequel to the global blockbuster and critical darling that was Skyfall, Spectre turned out to be a less-focused James Bond adventure than its far superior predecessor.

The movie had its moments though, and the Aston Martin DB10 which was created exclusively for the Sam Mendes-directed, Daniel Craig starrer was one of the biggest draws for it. The aforementioned bespoke Aston had a gorgeously shot chase sequence with another smashing supercar concept – the Jaguar C-X75. And now you can buy one of the Jag stunt cars which was created to film that sensational chase.

Williams Advanced Engineering built a total of four C-X75 stunt vehicles for the movie. One of those copies – in a shade of blue – has been listed on Kaimaans International. Though the price is available only on request, the rest of the details are enough to make most of us drool on the floor and wish we had bigger wallets to afford expensive movie memorabilia.

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Британский дилер #Kaaimans #International (#KaaimansInternational) выставил на продажу один из #суперкаров #Jaguar #CX75 (#JaguarCX75/#Ягуар) принимавший участие в съемках фильма #007: Спектр (конкретно на этом образце ездил главный злодей). Сам #концепт родом из #2010 года, он был построен в честь 75-летия марки. По ходу дела за годы CX75 успел сменить несколько силовых установок, причем в гибридном исполнении, где ключевую роль играли электромоторы. Выдавали агрегаты по 750-900 л.с. и от 1600 Нм. Разгон до 100 км/ч занимал менее 3 сек., а максималка была до 350 км/ч. Но по итогу тот, что снимался в Бонде, получил не только вполне себе обычный компрессорный #V8 5.0 на 550 л.с., но и пространственную раму (#WRC) в основе конструкции. Цена авто неизвестна.

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Spectre did feature well-staged action scenes. The night chase set in Rome received rave reviews upon release. Check it out in the video below.

This example doesn’t pack the futuristic hybrid engine tech that was seen in different versions of the Jaguar C-X75 prototypes created by the leaping cat. But fret not. You’ll still be able to drive it pretty fast with that 5.0-liter V8 hidden inside those beautifully-crafted body panels.

The suspension from a Porsche 911 GT3 rally car and a hydraulic handbrake make it clear that this Jag was built to pull off some jaw-dropping stunts in Spectre. The car has been driven for 500 miles so far and has got ample juice left in it, should you desire to take on the role of Dave Bautista’s silent assassin, who made Bond drive that Aston Martin DB10 really hard for Queen and country.

Source: Kaimaans International

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