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Ferrari F50 chassis no 001-restoration


Restored Ferrari F50 chassis no. 001 ready for Amelia Island Concourse

This year, a very special Ferrari F50 is taking part in the Amelia Island Concourse. It’s chassis no. 001 – the very first F50 that Ferrari built back in 1995.

Besides the fact that it was the first F50 to roll out of Maranello, chassis no. 001 also has distinguished provenance. It was delivered to Belgian racing driver Jean Blaton and is the only car that has yellow pinstripes. At present, it is part of @dennis_akoyaking’s collection.

To participate in the coveted concourse, the F50 had to be in a pristine state. And, so the job of restoring and preparing the car for the event was put on @wearecurated. The car is now ready and is going through its final tests.

Luckily for us, the restorers have documented the whole process in these videos. The meticulous detail that went into restoring this piece of automotive history is frankly mind-boggling. Apparently, unlike Porsche who still produces spare parts for their classic models, Ferrari doesn’t. So, despite being such a special car, finding replacement parts for it was a pain.

The Ferrari F50 was unveiled at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show to mark Ferrari’s 50th anniversary. Just 55 examples were produced and one of them will be hitting the auction blocks later this year. Chassis no. 48 is expected to fetch between $3.4-3.75 million. So, you can imaging how valuable chassis no. 001 is.

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