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Production-spec Ford GT Mk IV track car leaked!

The Ford GT Mk IV is the last hurrah of the iconic supercar. While you won’t be able to drive on public roads, it is certainly a looker. Ford unveiled the car last year, and as per reports, the first images of the production version have leaked online.

Multimatic will build 67 examples of the Ford GT MK IV. It will be sold to customers for $1.7 million a piece. However, in order to get an allocation, customers will have to fill out an application form, and Ford will decide who gets to own one.

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The Ford GT Mk IV is powered by a twin-turbo EcoBoost engine with an estimated output of 800 hp. It is paired with a racing transmission. The exterior is made from carbon fibre with Multimatic’s Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) suspension underneath.

The track car has a longer wheelbase compared to the standard GT. It has massive intakes on the sides and a large rear spoiler. It also gets Ford’s new signature C-shaped LED lights up front.

Source: @hennesseyperformance

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