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GMA T50 XP5 prototype Goodwood-1


Pre-production GMA T.50 hypercar presented at Goodwood

A pre-production prototype of the GMA T.50 hypercar was recently presented at Goodwood. Dubbed XP9, it’s the ninth prototype built by Gordon Murray Automotive

Unlike early prototypes, the T.50 XP9 looks production-ready. The car is finished in a deep metallic blue and has a dual-tone interior featuring maroon Alcantara passenger seats, door pads and dashboard. The white driver’s seat adds a nice contrast. It reminds us of all the dual-tone combinations we’ve seen on the McLaren Speedtail.

GMA T50 XP5 prototype Goodwood-2

Speaking of McLaren, the front fascia of the T.50 is almost identical to the mighty McLaren F1. The 3-seat layout too is inspired by the same car. That said, it looks a lot less intimidating, at least in images.

The T.50 is powered by a 3.9-liter, naturally aspirated V12 engine built by Cosworth. The engine produces 654 hp @ 11,500 rpm and 344 lb-ft @ 9,000 rpm. In the prototype, the engine has been limited to just 3000 rpm.

Gordon Murray Automotive has been releasing regular updates about the development of the T.50 on Youtube. Recently, Dario Franchitti got a chance to drive an early prototype at the Millbrook test track in the UK.

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