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Porsche 75 anniversary-sportscar concept unveil


Porsche to showcase future sportscar on June 8; Is it the 918 successor?

Putting an end to all speculations, Porsche finally revealed its plans for June 8. The carmaker is all set to showcase the “sportscar of the future”, which sounds ambiguous. However, we might have a rough idea of what the new car might be like.

Initial reports suggested that Porsche was planning to unveil the 911 ST on June 8. Our sources were quick to point out that these rumors were false. We were told that there was a “special car” on the cards.

Mark Webber's Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach


Recently, there have been talks of a 918 successor concept. It certainly fits the theme of the program planned for June 8, as it will be a futuristic halo product of the brand. It’s the ideal time to showcase the next-gen hypercar as 2023 marks 10 years since the 918 Spyder went into production.

Porsche is also believed to be working on a 356-inspired heritage model. However, it is expected to be based on the existing Porsche 911. It will also be a highly exclusive model with production limited to around 100 units.

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