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Pink McLaren 570S Crash-London-1


Pink McLaren 570S wrecked in central London

We often read reports of supercars getting wrecked by owners getting overambitious with the throttle. The chances of crashing are much higher on narrow bylanes as the owner of this pink McLaren 570S learned it hard way.

The accident took place on Montagu Mansions in central London. Apparently, the driver lost control and hit a Volkswagen Golf. It’s worth pointing out that the speed limit on this street is around 19 mph. Clearly, the driver must have been reckless.

The images reveal heavy damage on the front end of the 570S. The front crash structure appears to have been damaged in the accident. The front fenders, hood and bumper would also need replacing, along with the headlights.

In 2017, another accident involving a 570S was reported in the UK. This one however was more serious. The car crashed into a house and burst into flames. Luckily the occupants escaped with minor injuries.

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