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McLaren 570S-Crash-Trowbridge-Wiltshire-UK


McLaren 570S Crashes into House in Wiltshire, UK

A McLaren 570S was destroyed in a crash that took place in the town of Heywood in Wiltshire on Sunday. The supercar crashed into a house before bursting into flames.

The occupants escaped with minor injuries, however the car burned to the ground. When fire services reached the scene at around 6.30 am local time, they found that the occupants had already exited the vehicle. Before the fire crews could douse the blaze, the McLaren 570S was reduced to burned-out mangled mess.

“Crews (of Trowbridge Fire Station) found the occupants had been released prior to their arrival and the vehicle was alight. Fire was extinguished and made safe,” the fire service tweeted.

It is still unclear whether the driver was overspeeding prior to the crash.

Looking at the wreckage, it’s only be sheer luck that no one was seriously hurt in the accident.

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Source: BBC


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