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Okay, the Genesis G70 stunt is not as good as the Baby Driver Original

The second video in the Genesis G70 isn’t as impressive as the first one and is a mediocre recreation of the jaw-dropping original stunt from Baby Driver.

You’ve seen “The Art of the Stunt, Starring the Genesis G70: Episode 1”. No? Head over here to check it out. The first installment of the promo video series produced and released by Genesis USA was exceptional in terms of how it employed a Genesis G70 sports sedan to replicate that famous stunt scene from the original Fast and Furious movie.

The second part is out now and unfortunately, we aren’t impressed with Episode 2. It seems to be paying tribute to that edge-of-the-seat opening chase scene from Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver. Haven’t caught that movie yet? Scroll down to see the movie’s opening chase. It is 6 minutes of exceptionally good stunt driving, sound design, music selection, and editing. You’ll love it for sure.

Watch that first and you’ll note a sequence in which the red Subaru does a 180-reverse drift right in between two trucks (one of them back up into the car’s path) at the 3:35 mark of the movie clip video. The Genesis G70 recreation of it isn’t as tight or risky as the original and mimics a more generic drift from some of the other scenes in the movie chase.

Once again, Tanner Foust was behind the wheel of the Genesis G70 sports sedan and executed the job really well. We just hope it was an accurate replica of the original Baby Driver 180-reverse drift though.

The third and final episode will release on June 19, 2019.

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