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Nico Rosberg-Porsche 918 Spyder-Fully Charged


Nico Rosberg Goes Flat Out in the Porsche 918 Spyder

Everyone who has been to Nico Rosberg’s Youtube channel knows about his affinity for future technologies and electric vehicles. The retired Formula 1 champion turned Youtuber was recently invited by Fully Charged to talk about EVs and more importantly for us, test out Porsche’s first hybrid car – the 918 Spyder.

Being driven around in a 900 hp hypercar with an F1 driver at the wheel in itself is an exciting prospect. But, as you can see, the presenter is blown away as Rosberg goes flat out around the track.

While Rosberg is certainly looking at the future, investing in green technology and buying and promoting electric cars, he hasn’t given up on the internal combustion engine yet. He recently acquired a 911 GT2 RS and is in the process of getting a Mercedes-AMG One hypercar.

“It had to be done. We shouldn’t forget the past. There is space for everything. There is space for the future but there is also space for the crazy V12 or GT2 RS type of machines,” Rosberg said.

Rightly spoken, Sir.

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