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Morons CRASH 1967 Ford Mustang to Steal Playstations!

There is a place in hell reserved for the idiots who crashed a 1967 Ford Mustang into a store to steal a bunch of Playstations.

We are pissed off. Seriously. This is the worst kind of ram-raid robbery that we’ve heard of in a while and we can’t fathom the level of stupidity involved here. A bunch of thieves in Athens – who’ll actually go down in history as the worst ones ever to have embarked on the act of ram-raiding – have crashed a classic 1967 Ford Mustang coupe into an electronics store to steal a couple of Playstations.

According to the Athens Voice, the idiots – all six of them – stole the restored muscle car around midnight and used it as a battering ram to enter the Media Markt eShop at 4 AM on September 18. The thieves had brought along a second car to the scene to load up the stolen goods.

Vasilis Hatzievthimi who owns the now-damaged 1967 Ford Mustang had spent a whopping $50,000 to restore it. The owner is now left with a wrecked vehicle which needs comprehensive repair and restoration. The hood, front fascia, bumpers, portions of the roof, and both windshields need to be replaced. And that’s just the beginning.

Hatzievthimi told media that the thieves may have picked his car because of its age and the strong chassis underneath. They didn’t really care about its value and wanted something to break into the shop. But didn’t one of them at least take one moment to realize that they have stolen a sought-after classic car, which is worth a lot more than some gaming consoles.

We re-iterate. There is a special place in hell for these imbeciles. Especially since the 1967 Ford Mustang is a rare and exotic car in that part of the world. It’s also going to be an expensive and exhaustive process to get this car back to its previous glory.

Source: Athens Voice

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